Wednesday, November 27, 2013


The Thanksgiving holiday and Steeler game are two great reasons for celebrating.  It is under these circumstances that good people can make bad decisions with respect to alcohol and driving.   Although many people refer to the Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol law as “Drunk Driving,” this is not technically accurate.  One need not be “drunk” to be arrested and prosecuted for D.U.I.; one need merely be “under the influence.”  The difference between being “drunk” and “under the influence” is significant, and will cause many well-intentioned and good people to drive when they feel as though they are capable.  This mistaken feeling can get one arrested.  If you have suffered the unfortunate fate of being stopped by police and tested for D.U.I., be polite and cooperative with police during the entire testing process.  The police are in control and will administer the testing which is appropriate.  However, do not make any verbal admissions to wrongdoing, and upon your release by police, contact a lawyer who specializes in D.U.I. defense.  This is the smart way to handle this serious situation.  I will be available to assist during the holiday and weekend at 412.391.7999.  Have a blessed holiday and weekend. 
Joseph A. Paletta, Esq.